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Flyhippie Photography is an EXPERIENCE. It's FUN. It's MEMORABLE.

I believe in making your photo day a completely positive experience. We make this day a FUN day. We capture moments in a day that is ALL ABOUT YOU.

This means, if you're a child, it is FUN. If you're an adult, it is FUN and if you're a newborn? Well, mom and dad get to sit back for a bit and relax!

We will meet with you before your shoot, we have a beautiful day of shooting and when we meet again for you to view and choose your prints, we still have a great time.

This is YOUR time.

Pricing? Well, it depends on what you buy. My creation fee is $190.00 and after that, it's up to you! We have wall prints, custom framing, folio boxes and custom cards... Prints start at $175 and packages start at $900.

The average client spends about $1500. Some more, some less. Please call so we can discuss what your wants and needs entail!