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We have just added gift cards at our studio... they are BEAUTIFUL and a perfect gift for the holidays! We have photo shoot gift cards OR we have workshop gift cards!


For a mom or a grandma... you know, those women who do everything for their family and let themselves come last? We have an amazing gift which includes:


snacks, complete makeup and hair, full magazine style photo shoot and then your choice of folio box size and number of images included. Our folio boxes come with the photos matted and mounted and a USB drive nestled in the lid to hold the digital copies of their prints if they'd like to share them on social media.


Folio boxes come in an 11x14 size (The images are 8x10 and matted to an 11x14 size) or you can get the 8x10 box who's images are 5x7 and matted to 8x10.

Each box size holds your choice of 10, 20 or 30 images. If you buy a lesser amount of images, you pick your top choice up to that number. The photos are printed and ready to be taken home the day of your photo reveal.


This is the most beautiful way to show someone that they are loved and appreciated. Make them feel BEAUTIFUL for the day (schedule a night out afterwards, because YOU WILL LOOK AMAZING!!!)


For a WORKSHOP...this is the perfect gift for anyone who has a DSLR and can't figure out how to get it off of "auto". This is how you begin to love photography. I will teach you how to work your camera, how the camera works and how to take better photos. We have so much fun at these workshops! A perfect gift card to include with a new camera, also! Give the complete gift!


Contact us NOW for these amazing gifts! (They will also be able to be purchased on the site this coming week!)